Welcome to Viva Clean. Viva Whole!


I’m Jenna. My hobbies are eating and cooking…in that order!

I’m from Cleveland.¬†And I promise you, Cleveland is not that bad!

My philosophy with food is eating CLEAN! Maybe not squeaky clean, but pretty damn close. What does that mean? It means not eating all the stupid ingredients in food nowadays that you can’t pronounce. It means making your own food so you know what’s in it. It’s making good choices at the grocery store- not paying so much attention to the nutrition facts but more attention to the ingredients list!

I’m also a fan of learning how food affects you. You have so much power over the state of your body by just putting the RIGHT food in your mouth!

I hope you find a lot of easy, tasty recipes on this blog as well as help with meal planning so eating better is not a challenge! The recipes here aren’t too crazy, don’t have weird ingredients you’ve never seen or heard of, and they’re easy to make!

YOU can make a difference, feel well, and be well. Enjoy!